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Monday, February 19, 2007

Content Value in an Open World

Interesting and quite ironic post that asks - Is Jimmy Wales Worth $300? - Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia and his talk is "Challenging how knowledge is created." It is ironic to be asking whether his talk is worth money? And, there are some links to his presentations that are quite good in this post:

his presentation on TED Talks, a recent one - Jimmy Wales Gives Talk on Free Culture, Transparency, and Search - from earlier this month, on Cnet (excuse the compulsory Microsoft ad at the beginning) and Vision: Wikipedia and the Future of Free Culture from Fora TV.

But there's also a much bigger question going on whether it's worth going to conferences, events, talks, etc. when there's so much that's freely available.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think you've hit the nail on the head in your final sentence - maybe conferences and seminars will be only for those who don't know how to access the message any other way. I found that last year when I saw Marc Prensky that I could "replay" most of what he presented that day from viewing a copy of his slideshow to listening to a podcast of a similar event from NZ held the previous month, apart from the conversations held at the table where I sat and the networking in the lunch line up. I certainly not devaluing Jimmy Wales with my sensationalist blog post title but will I gain anything extra from that outlay, compared with the resources I assembled in 30 minutes on the web? Thanks for the acknowledgement, Tony.