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Friday, January 19, 2007

RoboHelp 6 Launches

I just saw that RoboHelp 6 is now out. A couple of the interesting new things:
  • They got rid of the different versions - especially getting rid of RoboInfo vs. RoboHelp makes life easier to understand as a customer.
  • They made it easier to integrate Captivate movies. This is something we've done before when creating Reference Hybrids.
  • They integrated a screen capture utility.
  • They've integrated a source control system for shared development.

We used to use RoboHelp and RoboInfo quite a bit to build reference systems. However, over the past year or so for projects that were delivered purely as web pages, we found ourselves using Wikis instead. I'm not sure if the new features will change what we use here or not.

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