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Thursday, January 18, 2007

eLearning Certification?

A colleague just asked me if I knew of any organizations that provided an "eLearning Certification" ... and I didn't. She doesn't want another Master's degree. Does anyone know of something appropriate or have a suggestion?


Anonymous said...

As far as I know the OU (Open University in the UK) does - you can take a full course, or simply individual modules. I think one of my colleagues is doing one. It's worth a look: Any of their courses be offered as distance and/or online learning, so the location shouldn't be an issue.

Harold Jarche said...

What does she want to learn?

Karl Kapp said...


We have an online eLearning Certificate that may be of interest. The program uses synchronous technology with a real instructor at the other end so there are time committments but--and I am only slightly bias in this case :)--it is a really good program.

Check it out at Bloomsburg University's Instructional Technology page.

Anonymous said...

The University of Southern Queensland offer a Postgrad Certificate in a variety of options:
- educational technology
- online learning
I am about to finish my masters in online learning from USQ and can recommend the programs and teachers.
I have done it all online as I am in NZ. They place a great emphasis on ensuring you feel part of a community of learners even though your are all miles apart.

Fabric and Books said...

InSync offers an sychronous learning expert online. Webjunction has information about that:

Matthew Nehrling said...

My Instructional Design certification is through Friesen, Kay & Associates. They have several certifications available.

Also, check out Certification Magazine for many options.

Matt said...

I know of three:

The Allen Academy

ASTD ELearning Courseware Certification

Clark Training

I'm not as familiar with the first two, but Clark Training is excellent.

Calculator Pro said...

Hi Tony,

We conduct an elearning certification exam at Professional eLearning Designers' Association.

Check it out at

Anonymous said...

Try Univesity of Illnios Global Campus, they have a certifcate program. I just found it today so dont know much about it.°ree_type=all&campus=Global+Campus


Anonymous said...

Fairmont State University offers a graduate certificate in Online Learning. Information can be found online at:

Unknown said...

I believe both the ASTD Conferences and E-learning Guild Conferences offer E-learning Certifications.
(perhaps Learn Dev does as well...I haven't checked)

Curious what the best options are these days as I'm going to probably choose between the ASTD and E-learning Guild, unless better alternatives are available.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever received a certification from these guys?
If so how was it, was it worth the money?