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Friday, January 05, 2007

More on Blogging and Community Issues

I just saw that TechCrunch added a forum to their blog. This relates closely to the discussion going on around blogs, discussion forums, communities, etc.:
Many of the people posting into the TechCrunch forum are asking some familiar sounding questions: Why would a blog need a forum? How does the forum relate to comments?

And this is a case where it's only one blog. In our world, there are many blogs. So, it's even more complicated of an issue.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why would a blog need a forum?

Maybe it's like the difference between:

(A) a highly interactive session at a conference -- as with a blog, the host/presenter tosses the talking stick around but it's still got her initials on it, and

(B) an energetic, multi-topic conversation in the bar: that presenter's there, as are some people from her session, as are other who weren't .

One's not better than the other, they're different streams that people enter for different reasons.

Some people might see raising a new topic in a forum as a likelier way to get a response than posting in a blog (especially if they don't have one). I don't know if they will; maybe you do both, because some folks don't [ read blogs | follow forums ].