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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Online Programs that Offer Training in eLearning?

I received an email today from someone who is looking for online programs (certificate, masters, etc) that offer training in elearning.

From the email - University of Calgary has a certificate, the University of Hull in the UK has a masters program, are there any others? Which ones are the best?

I have no clue, but I'm hoping that someone can point to suggestions via comments, and/or point to places you would look.

By the way, is there a source somewhere for online programs?


Anonymous said...

Don't know about a source for them but there are lots of programs out there.

As you mentioned, U of Calgary have a certificate program but it is rather limited since it is relatively new and they don't have very large numbers yet so classes are sometimes canceled for lack of students. Athabasca U has a degree program, as does University of British Columbia and Royal Rhodes University. Both Athabasca and UBC are fully online but Royal Rhodes has a residency component (it is in Victoria BC). RR also has a certificate program. The University of Colorado at Denver has both a certificate and degree program that is fully online.

i am sure there are others out there that have programs. i know several of the European schools do but i haven't really researched them.

I hope this helps...

Anonymous said...


I am currently enrolled in Capella University's MS/PhD in Education, Training and Performance Improvement. I am immensely pleased with the program, and I'm only sad that I didn't start earlier.

You can learn more at:

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,
Bill Sawyer

Anonymous said...

The University of Colorado at Denver has an online eLearning program (both master's degree and certificate): Be warned, however, that the focus of the first classes is on corporate training not education (K-12 and higher ed).

Anonymous said...

The Open University in the UK has its Masters in Online and Distance Education. I think the University of Lancaster does a masters but I can't remember if that has a residential component and that the Institute of Education in London might do something online too.

Karl Kapp said...
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Karl Kapp said...

You could try Bloomsburg University’s Instructional Technology Program it is an online program that offers both a Master's Degree and a certificate (that is where I teach).

Also, it is not comprehensive (doesn't include Bloomsburg) but here is a List of Instructional Technology/Instructional Education Programs

Anonymous said...

Good information, that I have also been searching for. Which schools have the best reputation?

I live in Canada and am leaning towards Athatbasca but wonder how employers view a certificate/master's from them.

If you are going to spend the money and time upgrading your skills you want to make sure the employer will recognize them.

Anonymous said...

I am currently in the distance Masters program in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. The program is fully online with courses mirroring the residential program. A distance certificate program is also offered and credits from the certificate will transfer to the Masters should the certificate student decide to pursue the Masters. Here are links to some good resources on programs in the field:

Indiana University IST program,

Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) - Curricula Data of Degree Programs

Instructional Technology - Academic Departments

Clive Shepherd said...

The Training Foundation in the UK - -has a series of relatively short online e-learning certificates which have been completed by more than 1000 trainers, including those from Europe and the USA.

Anonymous said...

The Curriculum, Technology, and Education Reform (CTER) program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers an on-line Ed. M. degree.

Full disclosure: I work for CTER.

Rick Nigol said...

Hi Tony:

eLearn Campus offers an online Certificate in eLearning Management. It is composed of three open-entry, self-study courses and a final applied Capstone Project.

The courses are:

- Making the Right Choices for Your eLearning: Setting the Vision

- Engaging Your eLearners: Best Practices in eLearning Design and Facilitation

- Maximizing the Value of Your eLearning: Creating a Solid Management and Evaluation Plan

Participants demonstrate competency in 19 key tasks related to the management of eLearning in order to be awarded a certificate.

Here are the details:



Rick Nigol
eLearn Campus

mike said...

I'm in the Educational Technology Online Master's program at San Diego State. I would definitely recommend it. I just finished a FANTASTIC course taught by Allison Rossett.

Cindi Lane said...

I am in a certificate program at Rio Salado college in Az for eLearning Design Specialist. It is an online program.I am halfway done-so far so good.
I have a bachelors in K-12 education and went with a certificate program versus a masters program because of a.the cost b.I have found that you don't necessarily need a masters in elearning design to work in the field. This is more of a hands on program that includes an internship as part of the requirement.
I would definitely recommend this as an option for you. Good luck!

anthony said...

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SR said...

thank you for all of your comments...Mark Twain once said: "do let your university get in the way of your education."
Keep learning any way you can. I have found if somewhat challenging to track down various universities who offer e-learning certificates alone, but I finally did locate one that offers individual courses:
University of California Irvine
Good luck to everyone!