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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Good eLearning Related Blogs (and Various Notes)

Every three months I go through a process of Managing my RSS Feeds. You can see my September Blog Clean Up. If you are looking for good blogs that relate to learning and/or eLearning, then take a look at my prior post: eLearning Blogs - Quick Way to Find Good Ones

So, in December, I removed from my Front Page the following blogs for lack of posting or lack of content I found relevant to my interests:
edufilter, edugadget, elearn, Learning for 2020, LTI Newsline, Rapid eLearning
News, Steven Forth, Sviolka’s Context, T+D, TrainingThatSucks, TrainUtopia

I added to my front page:

If you are in a corporate eLearning development department, take a quick look at Wendy's blog maybe it will inspire you to blog.

If you know a good blog on eLearning that's not in my list on the right, I'd like to hear about it in a comment.

Finally - as a note to the bloggers I just added to the list, one suggestion that I'd make to each of you (and to pretty much every blogger) is to add a Blog Guide (for first time visitors). What is likely going to happen is that someone will visit you for the first time and have a heck of a time figuring out what your blog is about and if they are going to be interested. Stephen Downes and Nancy White both think its a good idead too. :)

Related post: Top Ten Reasons To Blog and Top Ten Not to Blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom for mentioning SoulSoup. I am a regular reader of your blog too. Never commented though. Most of the time I like to trackback posts I like in my blog than a comment. Problem with RSS reader dependent blog reading habit.

Anonymous said...

Tony - thanks for the plug. Have also reciprocated. Keep up the good work.