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Monday, November 06, 2006

Will Richardson - Owning the Teaching…and the Learning

Must read post - Owning the Teaching…and the Learning. A few comments - but make sure you ask yourself if you fit into this yourself around use for corporate learning:

I hate to generalize, but the thing that seems to be missing from most of my conversations with classroom teachers and administrators is a willingness to even try to re-envision their own learning, not just their students.

Lots of teachers I talk to want blogs and podcasts and wikis. Without question, there are thousands of teachers, tens of thousands in fact, who are already using the tools with their students. I see new examples every day. But I’m still bothered by the fact that very, very rarely do I see new pedagogies to go along with them that prepare students for the creation of their own learning networks. That allow them to take some ownership (or at least envision the possibility of it) over their learning. That help them learn self-direction and get them to stop waiting for someone else to initiate the learning. And even rarer is to find one of those teachers exploring his or her own learning through the tools.

More than anything else, I think, teaching is modeling.
While his audience is a different audience, I think a lot of what he is saying applies to us. This is something that I've mentioned before:
but Will's post really crystalizes the thought. And challenges each of us to do more.

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