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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Second Life and Learning

I just read through a great post by Rich Hoeg which talks about his learning around Second Life. A few of the things he points you to:

These are great resources and will likely open your eyes a bit. I think that Second Life is not going to turn out to be the winner because of technical issues, e.g., firewalls. However, I think that the next generation of Second Life will displace tools like WebEx for many online events. Once you add in presence audio (you hear people close to you) and whiteboarding tools, it will make for very interesting opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Firewalls can be modified to allow connection to SecondLife.

But I think the true value of education in SecondLife revolves around *learning*. :-)

Tony Karrer said...

I recently tried to modify firewall settings to allow Second Life and had a heck of a time. I gave up after a bit. Normally, I've not had much problem even for games that required specific ports. Not sure what happened, but it wasn't worth the time for just playing around. That's the kind of experience that will hurt adoption.

Anonymous said...

Reminded me of a post I did on a couple of education areas that may work on Second Life. Here's the permalink -

Anonymous said...

From what the Wikipedia page says about the "Teen Second Life Community Standards", those linear "railroads of the future" you foresee can develop compliance training for the Teen Grid. Formal instruction can keep those Teen Residents on track when dressing their avatars. Meanwhile most of the learning in Second Life will occur spontaneously, experientially and socially (a.k.a non-linearly). Thanks for the great blog!