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Friday, December 11, 2009

eLearning Technology and LearnTrends Nominated

The EduBlog Awards are happening again this year.  I’m happy to say there were several nominations for this blog and for LearnTrends.  There are a lot of great nominees in all of the categories.

If you’ve found value from this blog and/or LearnTrends, please click on the links below and vote for them in their categories.  It’s a nice way to support the sources you use.

eLearning Technology was nominated in two categories:


LearnTrends was nominated for:


I also appreciated that several people nominated eLearning Learning for various categories.  It didn’t get put on the short list in any of the categories, but I do want to thank people who nominated it.

Ajaan Rob

Best educational use of a social networking service

Nicole Fougere

Best group blog: eLearning Learning

Gina Minks

Best group blog

eLearning Learning aggregates several different education blogs, and provides a way to navigate by blog or keyword. It also shows whats popular in the eLearning community at any given time. (Full disclosure: this blog is aggregated there)

Renee Robbins

Best resource sharing blog: eLearning Learning (another brainchild of Tony Karrer and just a wealth of information)

Shelly Terrell

Best elearning blog- Elearning Learning has each of my favorite elearning blogs in one spot.

And if you are in the mood for lots of great blogs and blog posts:


Shelly Terrell said...

Thank you for putting all the incredible e-learning blogs in one area. It's part of my daily diet of e-learning and easy to access through my RSS reader!

Tony Karrer said...

Shelly - thanks! Always nice to hear!