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Monday, July 13, 2009

Future of Learning

This is probably the last update on the upcoming online conference. We are finally announcing the speakers and a bit more about what they will be discussing.

On July 23 - click the following to: Launch the Session

You won't want to miss this ... Intuit talks about their move to outsource learning development to their customers and redefining value of learning. Hearing Dave Wilkins talk about selling social learning solutions. Or Gary Wise talking about selling incremental changes to learning designs on the path to richer solutions. Amit Garg discussing where his innovation team is focusing. Or senior leaders from major training companies talk about the challenges and opportunities in the market. This is going to be really great stuff.

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Future of the Business of Learning

Free Online Event

July 23

9 AM - 2 PM Pacific Time (Click on times to see Time Zone Conversion)

Brought to you by: Learn Trends, ISA and Training Magazine Network.
Moderated by Tony Karrer.

Register Here


Corporate training departments and training companies are facing challenging times. It’s clear to thrive they need to focus on business critical issues for the organization, provide solutions provide real value, differentiate their offerings, and look at ways to provide value beyond being a publisher of courses and courseware. However, that’s easier said than done.

This online event will bring together people with a variety of perspectives on what we should be doing today to set ourselves up for success going forward. We will look at questions that include:

  • Is this a temporary downturn or changing landscape?
  • How will demand change?
  • What will internal or external customers pay for that's not traditional training?
  • What's already selling today?
  • What business models, products, companies should we be watching?
  • What should we be doing today to be in position for the future?

Panel #1 - Industry Perspectives

9 AM - 10 AM Pacific Time

This distinguished panel will provide overview of the challenges going on in the industry, major trends that they are seeing, what is selling and what’s not, and where they believe that organizations need to go to be successful going forward. Josh, a long time analyst and source for trends in learning product and market data, trends and expert advice, will provide us with perspectives on what’s going on. Paul, a connector between training companies and other kinds of providers and the marketplace, has some very specific suggestions on where training companies need to focus. Lisa, as President of ISA and a long-time consultant to training companies, understands a lot of the challenges they face.

  • Josh Bersin, CEO and President, Bersin and Associates
  • Paul Terlemezian, President, iFive Alliances
  • Lisa Fagan, President, Amplify Selling

Panel #2 – Internal Training Perspectives

10 AM - 11 AM Pacific Time

This panel consists of senior managers responsible for aspects of corporate learning who will discuss what they are doing today and opportunities they see in the future. Gary will talk about his Prepare-Deploy-Reinforce (PDR) model, how it represents an incremental transition, and how he sells to various audiences. Rob will talk about how he sees his offerings transition in the future. Allessandria from Intuit will discuss how they’ve outsourced parts of their development to their customers and have changed how they view “return” on learning investments.

  • Gary Wise, Sr. Director Learning Architecture, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • Rob Robertson, SVP, Learning Technology and Architecture, Citi
  • Allessandria Polizzi, PhD, Group Manager, Accountant Training & Relations, Intuit

Panel #3 – Training Company Perspectives

11 AM - Noon Pacific Time

This panel consists of senior executives at training companies who are looking at how they can create more compelling offerings in the market. They will discuss aspects of how their offerings are evolving and the kinds of new offerings they are trying to sell. Ann, who facilitated a session for ISA with CEOs of Training Companies to look at the future of the business of learning, will start the session with an overview of key take-aways from that session. Jeff, Pete and Ben will all discuss their particular perspectives on what it’s going to take to be successful going forward. Because of their very different kinds of companies and offerings, we’ll likely have a lively discussion.

  • Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO Herrmann International
  • Jeff Sugerman, President and CEO, Inscape Publishing
  • Pete Weaver Senior Vice President of Leadership Solutions and Chief Learning Officer, DDI
  • Ben Snyder, CEO, Systemation

Panel #4 – Software and Services Perspectives

Noon1 PM Pacific Time

This panel consists of senior executives at software and services companies who are trying to create compelling offerings in the market. They will discuss aspects of how their offerings are evolving and the kinds of new offerings they are trying to sell and the challenges they have selling these offerings. Amit will discuss their interesting innovation team that works closely with training company partners to showcase new offerings that the partners can sell in the marketplace such as mobile, performance support, simulations and games, integrated accountability, and social learning solutions. Dave will discuss the challenges and opportunities around social learning solutions. Holly and Monika will talk about capitalizing on development opportunities that exist in every day work environments.

  • Amit Garg, Director, Upside Learning – The Training Company Back Office
  • Dave Wilkins, Executive Director of Product Marketing,
  • Monika Ebert, CEO, DifferentLens
  • Holly St. John Peck, CEO, Peck Training Group

Panel #5 – Discussion

1 PM2 PM Pacific Time

We will transition into a more open discussion around what we heard and what we think are some of the important answers coming from the session. We have several interesting folks joining the discussion that I’m sure will challenge us a bit. Some of these folks include:

  • Jay Cross
  • Harold Jarche
  • Ray Jimenez


Allisun said...

I was unable to attend due to technical difficulties with Elluminate...will recordings be made available?

Tony Karrer said...

The recordings have been posted: