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Friday, January 16, 2009

Nonprofit Technology Portal

I've been working with Beth Kanter on the creation of something similar to the eLearning Learning content community, but centered around the vibrant community that focuses on the use of technology in nonprofits. This is a work in progress, but she's done a pretty good job explaining what it is and why she's doing this in her post: How Do You Browse By Category Blog Content from NpTech Bloggers?

She raises some interesting questions around how you browse through existing blog content which was one of the primary reasons for originally creating the technology. As a blogger, keeping my labels/tags/categories up to date, was always very hard. So, this technology not only does that for me, but it helps surface the particular terms that I use more than others.

If you have thoughts on eLearning Learning or Nonprofit Technology, this is still a work in progress and we are hoping to get feedback.


Anonymous said...

Hi, are you linking it in with techsoup's community areas - that would be great ?

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Tony

This looks interesting - I have a sneaky that you're onto something here.

BTW - BlackICE is the culprit. I couldn't get into Nonprofit Technology - got the same message - it's my firewall. It doesn't like portals :-(

I find I've to switch it off to access eLearninglearning and Nonprofit Technology. I can't seem to be able to tinker with it either. Hmmm... I'm surprised that no one else has picked this up. Fire walls are important technologies to have around these days. Thanks for the time you spent trying to fix this for me.

Anyhow - good luck with your noo portal :-)

Catchya later

Anonymous said...

AS Middle Earth syas, I think you're on to something here. I started blogging late last year (publicly) as my blogging up to that point had been on the University internal VLE, so not available to the world at large. I'm using WordPress simply as I could host it myself with my own domain, and keep control of the technology and content. If you'df like more information to help with your study then I'd like to help out. David

Tony Karrer said...

Nicolaa - the TechSoup blog is included. There are other possible ways that an active community could help this. Is there someone at TechSoup that would be able to coordinate?

@Ken - Bummer about the firewall issue. It appears to be mostly you, but I'd be curious why it's blocking this particular site? Any insights are good to know.

@David - I'm not quite sure I follow.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Tony - thanks for the sympathy.

But hey, it's not so bad. It was a bigger bummer not knowing what caused it. It is the firewall, true, but I've now found that tweaking the settings can make a difference, so that I don't have to disable the firewall.

I'm please about this for it may also solve some intermittent problems I've had, since I started blogging, with putting comments on some sites.

This is what I can report now (I'm still finding things out :-)

In BlackICE:
Tools/Edit BlackICE Settings/Firewall

It's in this area that the option Enable Auto Blocking can be adjusted. By simply removing the tick from the option, a whole new vista of portals becomes accessible. I'm playing around with other settings too.

It's only recently that this blocking has occurred which is odd, at least to the extent that I've noticed, but I have not adjusted the firewall settings in that time nor updated it, something I am about to do.

Another curious observation is that blocking was intermittent. Sometimes I could access eLearning learning but was blocked when I tried to create a new widget.

It's amazing what you can achieve through dogged persistence :-)

Catchya later