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Friday, December 12, 2008

Related Terms

The recent addition of related terms (relationship factors) in eLearning Learning that show what how related terms are to a given result set provides some interesting insights. I already pointed to some of the Interesting Information that we could see as we compare what different bloggers write about. I can also do a query (which is not available through the interface) to see what terms are related to what's being discussed right now.

Here are some terms that are getting more attention the first couple weeks this month (December 2008) include Social Media, eLearning Activity, Mobile Learning, Yugma , Slideshare , SharePoint , Twitter , 100 Conversations, Mzinga , and GeoLearning. Some of these are no surprise, but others such as Yugma made me notice that version 4 is out, hence people are talking about it more than usual.

It's also interesting to me to drill down another level on a couple of the companies to see what pops for them. For example, I see GeoLearning relates to Learning Portals, Community of Practice, Mentoring, IntraLearn, Learnframe, ViewCentral, GeoMaestro, WBT Manager, WBT Systems, KnowledgeNet, Generation 21, and GeoConnect. Mzinga is shown related to Personal Learning, Social Software, Learning 2.0, Storyboards, PLEs, CollectiveX, Firefly, Tomoye, KnowledgePlanet, Element K, Awareness Networks. Not too bad and it's definitely useful to have the ability to drill down on the GeoLearning Mentoring page to try to understand why those two terms were linked.

Oh and I don't know if I mentioned it, but you can also use text search to see what related terms come up as related to arbitrary search terms.

Let me know if you find interesting related terms as you go.

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