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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Edublog Awards - Vote Now - And Some Commentary

I'm happy to say that thanks to several fellow bloggers, this blog - eLearning Technology - is one of the finalists for the 2008 Edublog Awards under the category Best elearning / corporate education blog.

You can click the badge below to see the other finalists and to vote on your favorites ... hopefully that's me ... :)

It was a bit surprising that I didn't even know a few of the fellow finalists. One of them has not posted since August? What is Britannica's blog doing there? Actually, Presentation Zen is a bit of a surprise too. Great blog. But not sure I get that as eLearning per se. If they win, there's something wrong with this. And there's a notable gap in that Articulate's Rapid eLearning Blog is not listed. Actually, the rest of the eLearning Learning blogs should have been in the mix as well.

Oh, and while you are at it, consider voting for ...
And in Lifetime achievement - you've got to be kidding that you are supposed to select between this list?
I can't possibly cast a vote on that one. Although isn't Michele far too young to be nominated? Deserving, but too young. :)

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