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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Twitter Learning Professionals

I was wondering why I was suddenly getting so many Twitter followers - a tool that I'm not yet convinced is a good thing except for people who need to be on the very bleeding edge of information flow - and finally Brent pointed me to a post by Jane Hart with a list of learning professionals to follow on twitter.

Now the stupid, lazy person question - is there an equivalent to OPML import for twitter for those of us who don't want to go through the list and add people one at a time?


Collin Kromke said...

Great question Tony. Hopefully somebody smarter than I am will stop by with an answer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this would be a good section for your Work Literacy seminar! I'd love to know.

Tony Hirst said...

I didn't find a way to bulk subscribe to everyone listed ion Jane's list, but I did create an aggregated feed of the edutwitterers listed...


Mike Chelen said...

Unfortunately I don't think Twitter offers any feature like that, it's frustrating and an example of the type of data portability problems which still exist even among the most popular services.

Here is an OPML of all the Twitter feeds mentioned so far on post.

Check out Tony's post on OUseful for more information, or to get the Twitters as a single RSS feed, which might be more convenient for some people.