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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where to Find Old Comic?

I'm excited about the presentation I'm creating for ASTD 2008 in San Diego. However, as part of putting it together, I was searching for a comic that I know I saw years ago where people were making fun of an executive that had his assistant print out his emails and dictated his responses.

Does anyone know where I would find such a comic or something like that?

Or any ideas on searching for such a thing?

I've tried various things on Google Images with little luck.

BTW, the point I'm highlighting is how changes in technologies and/or methods can cause previous methods to become out of date. I'd be happy to use other such illustrations.


bill7tx said...

Was it this one?

If not, the same place has a bunch of others you could probably use:

"Look at the size of grandpa's CD!" (kids looking at vinyl LP):

"It isn't that we don't have any high technology ...":

"It says we're obsolete":

"Outsourced to China and a cheap GPS system":

ABC Abacus Company:

Anonymous said...

You are very likely to find something usable from Dilbert, too.

Martin M-B said...


Karyn ID'd Dilbert, there is a great series on blogging, which I am sending you separately, as the search facility on the site does not go back far enough (April 07)

Tony Karrer said...

Bill, thanks for these. Cartoon stock is pretty cool. These aren't quite the one I was thinking of, but likely close enough.

I've been looking through Dilbert as well. Thanks Karyn and Martin!

Adam said...

Tony, have you played with Bitstrips yet? You may just be able to recreate the strip using your own characters. Even better, modify the wording to match the occasion for which you plan to use it!