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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fun Game or Serious Game

Found via Bad Science -

A really fun game (simulation) that let's you create things and control the physics (dynamics) of the objects and the environment. Does that make it a serious game? Maybe.

You pretty much need to watch the video for a while to figure out what it is. Time to get my kids started on it.

You can download the program for free at:


bill7tx said...

Phun physics!

Paul said...

Excellent. It even has physics awareness down to the pixel level. The mishapen blocks the person creates at the very beginning show this feature very well.

I would say this would be a great tool for parents to play with their kids on the computer with, or for a teacher to illustrate to a class of either grade school or high schoolers.

There's probably a fair amount of messing around involved with learning the interface to be able to use it this smoothly, but after that it has a lot of use from my perspective.

Jaz said...

I have heard nothing but praise for this product: easy to learn, real-time graphics with pause mode and recording available, and generally just great potential.

It's not just kids who will be staying up late for some phun...

thcrawford said...

By the way, Tony, this is an excellent example of visual thinking applied to learning. There are many other ways visual thinking applies to learning as well, but this is a great example. For similar videos, search YouTube for Crayon Physics.