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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Facebook Enterprise Application

If you've not seen this, there's a Facebook application by Worklight called Workbook that represents an overlay to turn Facebook into an Enterprise Social Network application. This is something I've been expecting for a while based on some conversations with large organizations who planned to use Facebook as their social network.
WorkBook combines all the capabilities of Facebook with all the controls of a corporate environment, including integration with existing enterprise security services and information sources. With WorkBook, employees can find and stay in touch with corporate colleagues, publish company-related news, create bookmarks to enterprise application data and securely share the bookmarks with authorized colleagues, update on status change and get general company news. Employees can freely use Facebook, with the WorkBook overlay, with no danger of information leaking outside the organization or access being granted to unauthorized personnel.


Daan Assen said...

Looks promising, but what is the added value of this workbook or corporate facebook except being a Yellow Pages+? I am looking for suggestions for using this platform for corporate learning. Feel free to comment them ...

Julie & Vincent said...

any tool that makes it easier to circulate information more efficiently can have consequences in terms of learning. Once an e-learning module is online somewhere on the intranet it can be promoted from one people to another rather than being only announced once on the official corporate portal.

Tony Karrer said...

Daan - great question. This would primarily be used as a:

* Corporate yellow pages / expertise finder
* Alternative (social) way to message fellow employees - virtual water cooler
* Way to send informal messages more easily
* Publicize corporate events

For organizations who need to build internal networks / relationships, this likely will have value.

I'm personally still not sure about Facebook. It's great socially and I've made a couple of good connections on it. But LinkedIn has been far better for me because of the depth of the profile. And so has blogging.

So, the enterprise version of Facebook to me is more a way to foster informal communications.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for suggestions for using this platform for corporate learning

Anonymous said...

You can also try Manymoon, it's free:

With Manymoon you can:
* Managed private and shared To Do Lists and Projects.
* Works with clients, co-workers and partners...anyone with an email address!
* Upload documents and add them to tasks and projects.
* Integrate with Google Docs and Google Calendar.
* Twitter-like feature to let people know what you are working on.
* Automatically convert emails into tasks.
*Compared to facebook for ease of use and lots more utility