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Thursday, December 06, 2007

italki - Social Network for Language Learning

italki is an interesting website in the language learning space - which seems to be very busy these days. They provide the ability to connect with other learners who are trying to learn a language. People find each other using the site and then connect via chat, IM, voice/Skype, etc.

There are other resources, but the use of a social network to find people who can help each other learn the language is a great idea.

Not sure if it can work in practice given the many other barriers that will come up.

I'd be curious what people think about this as a learning mechanism.


Michelle Gallen said...

Hi Tony,

I've blogged about on at is a social networking and language-learning site. It works well in some areas, but underperforms in others - particularly in that the social networking aspect seems well worked out, and the learning is well integrated with the networking aspect, but the actual learning content disappoints me. But I guess this is to be expected in a new area. is another interesting web 2.0 experiment in language learning - I've reviewed it here.

Anonymous said...

There's another very good site to practice foreign languages: