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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Flash Quiz Tools

Update June 2008 - added one free flash quiz tool based on a question I received. This tool is listed at the bottom.

A client wanted to create online quizzes that would live inside of a larger site. They didn't really need tracking of user responses, instead they wanted them to be fun. I suggested a couple of tools, but then wondered if I had given them the best list of tools.

So, the eLearningGuild research again to the rescue... Here's guild member satisfaction ratings for tools in the test / quiz category. Note: there are additional rating items such as would use again, vendor responsiveness, etc.

Note - the empty column now contains links to more information on the tools. So I could quickly gather specific data on the product. Unfortunately, it didn't tell me how they produced output and the desire was for self-contained Flash. But, I could quickly link to the sites to find out more and finally recommended that they should look at:

Articulate Quizmaker allows you to easily create Flash-based quizzes, surveys, and assessments. And, Quizmaker allows you to track your results with your standards based Learning Management System as Quizmaker output is SCORM and AICC compliant.

Adobe Captivate is the easiest way to create professional-quality, interactive simulations and software demonstrations in Adobe's Flash format. Without any programming or multimedia skills, users can automatically record onscreen actions, including editable mouse movements, text captions, and scored click boxes. Add e-learning interactions like data-entry fields and customizable quizzes.

Respondus StudyMate is a Windows authoring tool that lets you create numerous Flash-based activities and games using four simple templates. StudyMate provides an authoring environment that requires no experience with Flash programming, game design, or HTML. Questions and items can also be imported from MS Word, IMS QTI, Respondus, rich-text, and other formats. This makes it possible to create interesting, interactive activities from existing content. Other features include an Equation Editor, a spell checker, the ability to include image files and web links, and question/answer randomization. The Flash activities that can be created with StudyMate include: Fact Cards, Fact Cards Plus, Flash Cards, Fill In the Blank, Pick A Letter, Matching, Glossary, Crosswords, Quiz, and Challenge. It is also possible to generate three activities that can be used with iPods, PSP players and other portable devices.

OnDemand Presenter provides the ability to develop robust multi media content allowing you to easily incorporate both conceptual and transactional information into interactive presentations. Creates interactive questions and tests using 14 different question and survey types.

Rapid Intake Flashform Rapid eLearning Studio creates interactive Flash-based AICC or SCORM-conformant e-learning courseware. Quickly create Flash-based e-learning courses, quizzes, and tests. Add an integrated glossary - Add external audio, video, and images into the course content Flashform is customizeable and extensible by any knowledgeable Flash developer.

So, I had missed a couple that we've not used in the shop. And, I'm sure I'm missing others as well, but since these were at the top of the satisfaction list, I figure it's pretty reasonable.

New tool added June 2008 -

Class Marker - Free. Create multiple choice, true false, free text, short answer, fill in the blank and punctuation quizzes


Anonymous said...


And where is Camtasia Studio? Can't believe this is a very complete overview of tools if Camtasia wasn't included...

Tony Karrer said...

Peter - is Camtasia suitable for creating Quizzes?

If so, then you might want to talk with the eLearningGuild. But, my impression is that I wouldn't use it for that.

Unknown said...

Another useful tools is Authorware though it is at it's EOL , it is still useful for quick bespoke questions.

Anonymous said...

Also, another good tool for Flash Quizzes is Question Writer . . . easy to use and slick output.

Anonymous said...

Could you recommend any freeware Flash Quiz tools, please?
Thank you in advance

W.Peterson said...

hey, don't just show the big shots, there're other really popular Flash quiz tools as i know:

Wondershare QuizCreator - easy and cool to make quizzes, and enhanced from multimedia to results tracking system.

Qedoc Quiz Maker - whatever, you can not refuse such a full-featured free educational softwared in your computer.

Hot Potatoes - everyone will like so much fun interface. the nice tool is also powerful in many quiz features under its smiles.

welcome anyone with this interest to introduce more preferred tools beyond official research. thanks!

Anonymous said...

AWind QuizBuilderAWind QuizBuilder enables you to easily create interactive Flash-based quizzes

MarieJ said...

Qedoc Quiz Maker is a FREE teaching tool for making interactive lessons & quizzes and test preparation.

Online Quiz Creator is a powerful assessment tool that you can create Flash online exam, quiz, test and survey. It combines interactivity and multimedia to engage learners through the learning process and offers flexible results tracking and score reporting.

Articulate QuizMaker is a commercial tool that generates web-based quizzes and surveys.

klogd said...


I hope you can point me to the right direction. My company uses Captivate to create SCORM-compliant e-learning courses distributed through an LMS. I would like to be able to insert interactive e-learning Flash games and provide our clients with the source files so they could modify the text in the qustions, answers, coaching. Where could I find such games? I'd like to put togeher a library of 30-40 various games. I researched Raptivity but our clients would have to have Raptivity to make any modifications and I want them to have access to the .fla or xml files to make the changes

Navdeep said...

I work for a company called SuddenlySmart, and the tool that we have, SmartBuilder, builds Flash based quizzes. It allows for easy multiple choice quizzes, but really excels when you need more complex quizzes. You can check out some of the examples listed on our examples page (if you click on my name, it should take you to our site).

Sorry to blatantly advertise our company here, but it really is quite relevant... And I think we did pretty well on the 2008 elguild report.

Unknown said...

Techsmith Camtasis 6.0 now supports 3 question types to create quiz.
There are many free online quiz makers available: easytestmaker, classmaker and proprofs quizschool, you could make some small quiz with them. For make powerful multimedia Flash quiz, have a look at QuizCreator. It sounds the first yet powerful desktop flash math quiz maker.

Anonymous said...


Did you try myRaptivity? It allows you to create interactivity (games, simulations or any such interactivity) for Raptivity...have a look at

Alan Pollock said...

I tried StudyMate which does state that it produces Flash quizzes for mobile of 320 X 240. My Nokia E71 has these dimensions so I thought - great! However, the 320 x 240 is not the area it uses for the quiz - for some reason the actual quiz is shown in only about 3/4 of the screen - thus on mobiles it is useless. Anyone find a way around this - can we tweak it?

Joel said...

Hey guys, I am really surprised why nobody mentioned iSpring Presenter. Probably the best. You can created flash quizzes and many other formats, publish them on your web. It also has other options like limiting the use of the flash quiz to only one domain, in that way nobody will be able to use your test anywhere else even if they are able to save it or steal it from your site. There is a freeware version and a full version which is paid. Joel

Corrie Anderson said...

There's also a program called BRAVO! Game Builder Suite!

BRAVO! allows you to easily input your content into 4 different game show-style templates that are flash-based. Not only can you deliver these games in the classroom, they can additionally be delivered by:

1. Posting them online to your website for follow-up training
2. Include them in your LMS (BRAVO! is SCORM Compliant)
3. Play them LIVE during a webinar.
4. Each participant can have a hand-held (radio frequency) device in which the entire audience can ring-in and respond with their answer.

NOTE: All BRAVO! game templates are completely customizable. Meaning, you brand them with your company's logo, colors and even personal avatars making each training game experience your own!

Here's their website:

Yinka Ibironke said...

Thanks so much for the info in this blog. Very useful. Thanks again!