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Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Question - Learning Design Different Now?

Jim Belshaw suggested in a comment on a previous post suggested that a good model for a blog is to post a question each week that might stimulate discourse (something that many of us want). The question today actually comes from a Lee Kraus post. The basic question is:

How is Learning Design different when we are using different learning techniques, especially bottom-up techniques based on personal learning and informal learning?

To help provide some context for this question, in a previous post I provided the following mental model of Learning Design:

The question Lee asked is whether this is the reality given that with new models of eLearning (see: eLearning 1.0, eLearning 1.3 and eLearning 2.0) where SMEs and the Worker / Learner play an increasingly central role in content development. For eLearning 1.3, much of the content is created as Rapid eLearning by SMEs. In eLearning 2.0, content is created by the Worker / Learner. At a crude level, we might consider the picture under these models to be more like:

This picture is meant to imply that while there may still be some traditional up-front learning design content creation will increasingly be done by SMEs and the Worker / Learner. Further, it will likely be done later in the process in an on-going way. IDs may play an on-going role of providing structure to the content, but they don't create nearly as much content. Instead, we will push tools to the SMEs or Worker / Learners to allow them to create their own content.

Given this context, the question: Is Performance Analysis the same? Do we look at the same Considerations? Or are we doing something very different? If it's different, then the natural question is: can our current understanding of Performance Consulting / ISD / ADDIE / etc. help us under the new model? Alternatively, feel free to tell me that this is the dumbest question you ever heard (and hopefully why).

Feel free to either add comments here, or to create a blog post and post a link to your post in the comments.

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