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Monday, September 18, 2006

In the Future, Will A Student Even Know Where the Computer Lab Is?

Great post that makes you think - In the Future, Will A Student Even Know Where the Computer Lab Is? Just this weekend, my brother and I were discussing how computers are beginning to appear in all sorts of forms (think Xbox and Tivo) and with the advent of Software as a Service solutions, we are going to see quite radical changes in computing over the next 5-10 years. So, what do we do differently as designers of learning solutions in an always connected world, myriad of form factor world?

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1 comment:

Christian said...

Tony -- Thank you for kindly referencing one of my recent "think:lab" posts here at the eLearning Technology blog. While I'm hardly an expert in the realm of tech, I am convinced that both the computer lab will lose ground in the school 'building', or ironically become a mark of the past by existing in the first place.

On a side note, curious about your on-going work at TechEmpower...and certainly how it plays out with your Fortune 500 clients.

In the meantime, be well...and continued good luck with your blog work.

Cheers, Christian