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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What is the Role of Training?

I saw a post by Brent Schlenker responding to a post ...

I am becoming more and more convinced that at our best we are KNOWLEDGE
BROKERS. Our job is to get just the right amount of information from just
the right person who has it to just the right person who needs it. We do
that by supporting platforms that enable the connectivity of people, and
collaboration between people. We can craft simulations that simulate the
REAL work learners need to accomplish. We compress time with these sims
and offer many more “experiences” (quests) in a shorter amount of time: more
hypothetical problems to solve. We can encourage, and support users in
creating their own “stories” delivered via media such as audio (podcasts) or

He's saying something that I tend to agree with. What we spend most of our time doing is understanding the knowledge that people need to be successful and how we can provide it to them quickly and effectively. The information exists somewhere before we ever show up. But it's our job to pull it out and transform it into something useful. And, we shouldn't underestimate the value proposition in that ...

At the same time, I think we are often too hung up on the form of delivery of knowledge. I really believe that we fall prey to this far too often and need to challenge any choice of delivery.

To help spark some thoughts around this, take a look at:

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