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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Text-to-Speech Examples

In response to the latest post in the series on Text-to-Speech (TTS):

Javed Alam pointed me to a couple of Text-to-Speech eLearning Examples, so I thought I’d capture a few of the examples here. I would welcome pointers to additional examples!

Example #1 - Introduction to Venice - Qwiki uses Text-to-Speech in really interesting ways.

Example #2 - CompUSA Dealer Training - Legal Issues - Legal services presentation on a company web site

Example #3 - Calculating Usain Bolt's Power - Math derivation.

Example #4 - Jane Eyre Meets Mr. Rochester in the Garden

Example #5 - Concepts of Calculus with Professor Paul

Example #6 - Magic PowerPoint Voices – Dialog between Paul and Heather synched with animations

Example #7 - A bit older example using NeoSpeech 1.0

Example #8 "Degree of Freedom E-Lecture with Animated Agent" - a bit older with an animated agent.

Want to See Your Course as an Example?

Dr. Joel Harband has made an offer to create some brief examples using PowerPoint-based courses that a corporation had developed using a real voice. He would need the original PowerPoint presentation of the course together with the narration script that was used. He could then create part or all of the course using TTS voices instead and we could demo the result. Of course, I would want to show the original so we can show a comparison. If you would like to do this, please contact me via email:


And, if you have any questions at this point in the series on the use of Text-to-Speech, please ask away.

1 comment:

C said...

What are the advantages of text-to-speech over real voice annotation? As a native English speaker I find the text-to-speech, although potentially efficient, is incredibly distracting to the content.

Maybe it is because of my attention to detail, or the fact that my accent in other languages needs to be spot on for me to feel comfortable speaking it, but I'm not seeing the utility. Please do enlighten me..