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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dilbert Warns Me About Work Literacy

Should the following Dilbert worry me about Work Literacy?


Much of the idea of Work Literacy is to help people who need to keep up with how technology impacts knowledge work.

Maybe reading blog posts about the topic is okay :)


Jenise Cook said...

No, Tony, not time to worry, if ever.

Today's knowledge worker understands that s/he needs to do what it takes to stay ahead of the work literacy curve (or, just keep up with it).

Gen Y "gets it", and I think corporations will need to change to be in sync with their younger associates.

Despite the economy, the entrepreneurial spirit lives on, and if big corporations don't train their people, they will lose them to those businesses who will.

Yes, I'm optimistic. And yet, knowledge workers must take their personal learning into their own hands, their own wallets, and their own non-corporate time.

At least, that's the world as I see it.

Comments, anyone?


Stephen Downes said...

Another good reason to manage your own professional development, rather than have your manager (who may serve other interests) manage your professional development for you.

Bill Bennett said...

One of the frightening things about this cartoon - and many Dilbert cartoons - is how close to the truth it really is. I've known companies to to conduct skills audits ostensibly to find out what unknown skills are there, but in practice to work out who can be chopped.