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Sunday, April 19, 2009

24 Hour Conversation on Learning in Organizations - Free

I'm not quite sure what Jay was thinking when he decided to do this, but I'm curious to see what happens.  He's pulled together a 24 Hour Continuous Learning Event:

Conversations about Learning in Organizations

He's got folks from around the world who are going to help participate over the course of 24 hours.  Here's the FAQ.

He's pulled in quite a few people who's names you will know:

  • Marcia Conner
  • Connie Green
  • Stuart Henshall
  • Michelle Lentz
  • Christopher Peri
  • Harold Jarche
  • Clark Quinn
  • Nancy White
  • Rob Paterson
  • Mark Sylvester
  • Ellen Wagner
  • Curt Bonk
  • Charles Jennings
  • Jon Husband
  • Dave Wilkins
  • Brent Schlenker
  • Barry Shields
  • George Siemens
  • Luis Suarez

and many more. 

They will be discussing topics that include:

  • Learning in an era of networked intelligence
  • Show me the money: examples of the payback of social/networked learning
  • New roles for learning professionals
  • Changing corporate culture to accommodate the new learning
  • Making informal learning concrete
  • Twitter and the march toward real-time learning
  • How can we get learners to take responsibility for their own learning?
  • CGI: Bringing the internet inside for informal learning & transformation
  • Case examples of informal learning in corporations.
  • Measuring the results of informal learning
  • Personal learning environments: you show me yours, I'll show you mine

and more.

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