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Thursday, July 10, 2008

25 Million Hits Per Day

Fortune Magazine interview with GE's CIO:

Does social networking have a role within General Electric?

We've gone out of our way to call it professional networking rather than social networking. We've been building a professional-networking capability that allows everybody to put in the organization directory the skills that they bring to bear. It's very searchable, so if someone is looking for a particular skill, they can go to that site. That gets about 25 million hits a day, so it really is becoming sort of a heartbeat of the company.

25 million hits a day - wow, that's quite a bit. Not sure what's included there, but wow!


V Yonkers said...

I think this is where critical thinking skills come in. I have to question the accuracy of 25 million hits a day. This seems more of the overall hits at the GE site (or perhaps people are looking for jobs at GE).

Living in the "birthplace" of GE, I am surprised that they have "social networking sites" as few of my students from GE have described such mechanisms. On the other hand, they may not know that this is what they are using, as I know they have proprietary software that does link the various subsidiaries together.

Anonymous said...

isn't that like 10% of the US population? I only need to pick up 25 million - 500.

Dennis D. McDonald said...

The numbers may be wrong but this looks like another example of how big organizations are adopting such tools. The following are links to my blog where I discuss these examples:



Defense Intelligence Agency: