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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Work Literacy Launch

I'm very happy to announce that Michele Martin and I have just launched Work Literacy - a network of individuals, companies and organizations who are interested in learning, defining, mentoring, teaching and consulting on the frameworks, skills, methods and tools of modern knowledge work.

This venture comes partly from my experiences doing presentations, workshops, blogging around eLearning 2.0. When discussing new(ish) tools like blogs and social bookmarking, and discussing things like advanced search techniques, there's a gap in knowledge work skills. In fact, we all have blind spots. Why is that? It's just coming at us too fast to continue to acquire in an ad hoc fashion. We need something to help us make sense of all that is happening that changes how we do our knowledge work.

Our goal is create a vibrant network of individuals, companies and organizations interested in participating in a variety of ways: learners, testers, experts, teachers, coaches, and I'm sure many others. The network is intentionally defined in a way that will allow it to emerge over time, but there are some very interesting people involved already.

Some ways to Participate:
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    • You can subscribe by email using the entries in the sidebar to either of these feeds.
  • Point us to resources using the tag: WorkLiteracy
  • Comment
  • Blog your thoughts. When you blog, include the term workliteracy or better yet a link to and we’ll do our best to aggregate these posts for access by the community.
I truly believe this is something important, and I hope it sounds interesting enough that you want to come participate with us.

1 comment:

colleen said...

Great idea. Good timing. I had a dream last night that some unknown person was telling me "KM is dead." I remember responding "Well, of course, time to move on."

Knowledge is a living, changing, organice being and those things can't be managed. BUT coming together to make sense of what knowledge/literacy/skills will look like in the new workplace?
You're on to something. I'm in, wherever you need me.