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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Understanding eLearning 2.0

My article - Understanding eLearning 2.0 - was just published on ASTD's Learning Circuits.

I would like to thank readers of this blog for helping with contributions. As I said in the article:


This article would not have been possible without considerable discussion and input from many different people who have taken part in discussion around this topic via the blogosphere. For example, in the discussion on the blog post, "e-learning 1.0 vs. 2.0 - Help Needed," you can see that Howard Cronin provided the analogy of AM/FM, CD, and iPod adaptor. Thanks, and I look forward to the continued conversation.


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article Tony. I've heard the "I’ve never heard of most of this before. This stuff is freaking me out" type comments most recently at a workshop I was teaching. I found that learning professionals just wanted someone to tell them how to do 2.0. I sensed burn out and frustration when talking about new tools. Did you sense anything like that? Do things need to be broken down more simply with step-by-step instructions? (e.g., here's how you set up a blog behind your firewall, etc.)

jmarrapodi said...

Hey Tony.
Great article. I did some musing on my blog today( so I won't repeat myself. There are so many impilcations, and I think we're really at an industry tipping point where we need to learn to leverage and make resources available to our clients.

Thanks for the stimulus to think about it today.
Jean Marrapodi

Anonymous said...

Understanding E-Learning 2.0 is a somewhat tutorial on how the world wide web or WWW is starting to shape up, and the endless possibilities that you can get out of it. With this kind of trend out in the market it can help all of those who never knew what has to be done in order for them to rise upon the occasion.

Tony Karrer said...

Janet - I did run into the sense of exasperation with "more new tools" when talking about this. At the same time, because these tools have a tendency to be very easy to use, it's more the challenge of where they fit into the larger mix than the tools themselves. There's also a sense that changes are coming so fast, you can't take the time to become expert on anything like you could 10-15 years ago.

There is definitely a big gap in understanding the when, why, how around these tools. They represent a pretty sizable shift in responsibilities. And it's not just a shift for learning professionals. It's a shift for learners as well.

Tony Karrer said...

Jean - good points on your post, especially your point that SharePoint provides most of these capabilities, but the challenge is understanding how to use them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony:

Good article, it's a nice overview of E-Learning 2.0. However, I think the most important question to ask in the "Take Action" is…

Is the client organization ready to adopt E-Learning 2.0 (E2L)?

Organizational readiness is critical because an E2L solution will fail if an organization is not technically or culturally ready to embrace E2L.

John Boyer

Anonymous said...

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