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Saturday, June 09, 2007

More Discussion on Personal Work Learning Environments

There's some great discussion happening around the issues of control and resulting ownership of work product as we create personal work learning environments.

This has made me wonder... if people will adopt these tools and approaches over time, then as a corporation, if you want to be able to keep the content after an employee leaves, especially blog content ... then shouldn't you make sure you provide these tools now rather than having tools adopted that are outside the firewall and personally owned where you will lose the content if the employee leaves?


Harold Jarche said...

or couldn't you allow them to prosper outside the firewall (so the individual and can take it to the next workplace) while the company harvests the feeds and uses a caching social bookmark aggregator for its own knowledge management needs. This way, everyone wins. BTW, I think that Tom Haskins definition of the PLE acronym is a great addition to this discussion.

Tony Karrer said...

Harold, I honestly don't get Tom's definition from a pragmatic standpoint. Maybe you can help me understand it.