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Monday, May 08, 2006

Why Kids Blog (David Warlick)

I just read a David Warlick's post Why Kids Blog and one comment jumped out at me (among several great comments on the value of blogging by teachers):

In fifteen years of teaching, I have never seen anything come along even CLOSE to motivating students to write - like blogging does.

Mark Ahlness

What's interesting is how the shift to writing (my Kindergarten child is writing everyday in school) along with the power of blogging makes for some interesting possibilities in the future.

Definite food for thought.

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1 comment:

Arvind said...

Nice one. Another indirect corollary - children are also starting to read more. ("to respond to their classmates’ articles" in the Daid Warlick post). May be blogs will put an end to the 'internet and TV have affected (book) reading' accusation.