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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Best Jobs in America - Time to call your parents!

I just saw Money Magazine's article on the Best Jobs in America. It's actually quite interesting to look at it. Some things hit home for me.

Number one job was Software Engineer and number two was College Professor. It's interesting because I used to be both of these and I moved on. I'm not sure what to make of that. And, it completely contradicts what seems to be the trend around Computer Science: Computer Science Dying in the US?

Some rankings relative to the world of learning:

13 - Technical writer
18 - Curriculum developer - Wow, pretty cool that this is listed and that it ranks this high.

Consider some jobs that rank below this:

30 - Physician/Surgeon
37 - Lawyer
43 - Dentist
44 - Accountant

Time to call your parents to let them know. Of course, I won't be telling them what ranked number 1 & 2.


Just_Blog_It said...
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Just_Blog_It said...

Articles that list "Top XX jobs . . . " always make me wonder -- why is it that my job is never part of the list?? Although curriculum developer is closing the gap for e-learning professionals, it will be interesting to see how the lists change as the e-world keeps evolving.

As far as calling my parents, I think I'll wait until our profession truly is in the spotlight, and not the sidebar.

Shelly said...

I'm glad to see recognition of positions related to Human Resources, Technical writing, and Curriculum Developer. It's a start.

However, Best jobs in America, makes me go "hmmm...", pondering the myopic criteria in comparison of the Best Companies to Work For.

For more on my pondering ... see my blog.

Debi Lord said...

Wow, glad to hear I can justify my refusal to follow in my father's footsteps as an engineer and even more happy to hear that curriculum developer is even making the list.

For more of my comments, see my blog.

Anonymous said...

In what way are they the best jobs?
Surely Racing driver, professional basketball player, model, property developer are all better jobs than software engineer and college professor.
I'd be really interested to know how they formed this list.

mack said...

Ya i totally agree that these all are the perfect jobs in america, medical practitioner is also is the best one, 52 per cent of Americans vote for doctors as the most prestigious careerists of their country. For more details refer