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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Corporate eLearning Development: Learning2.0, Identity2.0 and

On Brent's blog, he has a good post with a link to a presentation on Identity 2.0:

Corporate eLearning Development: Learning2.0, Identity2.0

Definitely we are going to have to deal with authentication and identity issues at some point to get integration and groups to work effectively in distributed applications. Can't say that it's here and now though.

1 comment:

bschlenker said...

Hi Tony,
I'm not sure if Sxore is "ready for primetime" yet myself, but I do like the idea and know that microformats will continue to expand into other areas much like vCard, iCal, and others.
I'm hoping someone will create a vCredit for students and post grad workers to keep track of Degrees, Certifications, etc. If those were housed online and there were connections to the universities systems they could very easily be validated as legitimate degrees.
I enjoy your blog! Cheers!